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Haunted Candlelight Tours at The Van Horn Mansion

Fri, October 9, 20207:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Every Friday and Saturday in October come and meet Malinda - if you dare...

At Newfane’s 1820 Van Horn Mansion, ghosts are not guaranteed. But history is.

Who knew that homes used to be taxed according to how many closets they had? That is why so many people had free-standing wardrobes. And why the closets on the mansion’s second floor were craftily constructed in a continuous circle, so they could be considered a hallway.

Windows, too, were taxed. That is why you sometimes see, in very old houses, floor-to-ceiling windows that are actually French doors.

Like a museum, the house has been filled with gorgeous antiques, in addition to authentic clothes, toys, a Jewett stove and even a dollhouse. 

The ghost of 'Malinda' Van Horn (and other hosts) lead candlelit tours and tell eerie stories of the previous (and current) residents of this 1800s Victorian mansion. 

Tours are from 7 - 11 pm (last tour leaves at 10pm). 

The history alone is worth the price of admission, which is $7 pre-sale | $10 door, used to fund preservation of the mansion.  Anything beyond the history is, well, icing on the devil’s food cake.

The mansion is located on Lockport-Olcott Road in Niagara County, New York and overlooks the east bank of Eighteen Mile Creek.  The Mansion includes 16 rooms and five bathrooms. 

The building acquired its name from the original  family who built and shared the house for nearly a century. Many of the Van  Horns contributed immensely to the growth of the area, and their names have  been honored with use as streets, towns and more. To learn more about the Van Horn Family, please visit the society's  history page.

It was  the first brick building built in the area, and has seen continued  upgrades and reconstruction throughout its nearly 200-year history.   The Newfane Historical Society was gifted the building in 1987, and we began an extensive restoration project  to restore the mansion to its former grandeur.

Now restored  to its original splendor, the rooms in the Van Horn Mansion show life as it was  in the early 1800s, complete with original and authentic clothing, furniture  and toys. 

The  Mansion includes 16 rooms and five bathrooms.  The society holds annual fundraisers to help maintain the large costs of maintenance, upgrades and more. It is available for tours in the summer on Sundays, by appointment. 

The mansion is also available for private events, for details please visit our rentals page.